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A: Your friend will need to contact our license section at 334-2592. Thank you.
A: Hello, and thanks for your report.  These pronghorn must be making themselves quite visible, as we've had several reports of them.  No, we did not bring them here - they must have found their way up on their own.  They should be fine for the summer - Round Valley has nice summer pronghorn habitat ...
A: Yes, Idaho has depredation hunts but they are not open to nonresidents.  Idaho does have a landowner permission hunt (LPH) that is similar to a depredation hunt that is open to nonresidents.  These hunts require prior written permission on a LPH form from a landowner to qualify and then the hunter ...
A: Pronghorn are quite a unique species.  They grow horns that shed annually unlike other species that grow horns that get larger each year like bighorn sheep and mt. goats.  Horns are different than antlers.  Horns are made from a keratinous sheath that grows from a core of live bone tissue.  In ...
A: You can only apply for unlimited controlled hunts during the May 1-June 5 application period; they are not part of the second drawing.
A: You are very observant.  The answer to your question has to do with differences in behavioral characteristics between deer and antelope. Deer are "jumpers" and when they encounter a fence, adult deer will jump over the fence and attempt to cross the interstate to continue their journey/migration ...