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A: Spawning kokanee are still edible, but the flesh quality is considerably degraded compared to non-spawning kokanee. Flesh quality continues to degrade during the spawning season, so fish later in the spawning period would be of lower quality. Kokanee deteriote quickly during spawning and die soon ...
A: Greetings,  When it comes to transporting fish, there are some specific (but often overlooked) rules to keep in mind. Your question is very good, as it addresses a gray area when interpreting the head/tail rule for transporting fish. The intention of the rule is for the fish to remain whole while ...
A: Below is a summary of the management planning process for Priest Lake.  I believe it answers most of your questions along wtih some others you may have.  if you'd care to discuss Priest Lake management further, please feel free to give me a call at (208) 769-1414. thank you for your interest. Jim ...
A: Sometimes in our zeal to manage these popular fish, we look past the fact that kokanee are a land-locked sockeye salmon and are not native to most lakes in Idaho.  The only exceptions are a couple of lakes in the Stanley Basin and Warm Lake in the South Fork Salmon River drainage that genetic ...
A: It is illegal to use dipnets to harvest kokanee in Mores or Grimes Creek. Please refer to page 44 of the fishing rules book. Kokanee in Mores Ck are mostly past the stage of being edible.