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A: Although, bull trout are listed under the federal Endangered Species Act as "threatened" anglers can still actively fish for them in Idaho.  Catch-and-release fishing for bull trout can be great sport given the size bull trout can achieve and their aggressive nature.  With that said, before an ...
A: I don't know what you consider a "problem," but bull trout appear to be doing fine in Idaho.  Redd (spawning) counts and trend fish sampling locations from throughout the state continue to demonstrate stable to increasing populations.   F08
A: Thanks for your question about Bull Trout and the Boise River. Bull Trout are now mostly extinct below Lucky Peak dam. It is possible (but very unlikely) that a Bull Trout could be flushed downstream through Arrowrock and Lucky Peak dams and be caught in the lower Boise River. Bull Trout have not ...