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Questions & Answers: catfish

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A: Fish the Snake River and the upper end of Brownlee Reservoir.  The area below Swan Falls Dam, Fort Boise (mouth of the Boise River), Steck Park (near Weiser) are all popular locations for catfish anglers.  If you want to fish in... Read more
A: It sounds like you are fishing in the prime locations to catch larger catfish.  The Fort Boise Wildlife Management Area (where the Boise River meets the Snake River) is a location known to attract larger catfish and the Steck Park area... Read more
A: We capture adult-sized channel catfish in the Snake River and transfer them to several ponds in the Southwest Region including McDevitt Pond. Usually, these transfers occur in early June and July. Tagging studies indicate that channel... Read more
A: From our records, we show that brown bullhead are in Medicine Lake.  Bullhead are very hardy and will survive in low oxygen waters for extended periods of time.  They will not survive ponds being drawn down to a muddy environment.    Once... Read more
A: Try Milner Reservoir.  Idaho Power Company stocks channel catfish in Milner as part of their mitigation for the hydropower project at the dam. You can also catch catfish at Murtaugh and Wilson lakes along with the Snake River through the... Read more
A: Using dead fish and fish parts as bait is legal: Bait: Organic substances, other than rubber, wood feather, fiber, or plastic, attached to a hook to attract fish. Bait includes insects, insect larvae, worms, dead fish, fish parts, any... Read more
A: There is no size, bag or possession limit for catfish in Swan Falls Reservoir.
A: We have ceased stocking catfish in Beachs Pond due to poor tag returns. Low returns indicating low harvest upset the balance in this pond. Un-harvested catfish exerted too much predation pressure on juvenile largemouth bass and bluegill,... Read more
A: Catfish usually start to actively feed when the water temperatures begin to warm in the spring.  Water temperatures rising to 50 F and above is the rule of thumb I like to use for catfish fishing.  One of the great things about catfish is... Read more
A: General rules apply to the water below the Hayden Lake outlet, so snagging, spearing, and netting are not allowed and limits do apply.  It's relatively uncommon to have so much outflow (like we had this year) that large numbers of fish... Read more
A: The report of catching catfish in American Falls Reservoir is a little surprising.  We stock channel catfish in the McTucker ponds which flooded last spring and were directly connected to the reservoir.  I am sure some of the catfish... Read more