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A: Idaho Code Section  36-1201(c) requires a person to have the proper required license on his person at all times while hunting, fishing, or trapping, and to produce the original license for inspection upon request of a person authorized to enforce fish and game laws. This legal requirement places ...
A: A number of the lakes in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area have brook trout populations.  You are not finding them when searching in the Southwest Region because they are all on the Stanley side of the Sawtooths and in the Fish and Game Salmon Region. Here is a list of lakes in the Salmon ...
A: They are included in the database - you just need to do some sluthing.  Here is an example:  1) Select Panhandle Region; 2) select records for 1967 to present; 3) click on "other trout;" 4) highlight "Antelope Lake; 5) and now click "search."  You will see 2,111 fingerling brook trout were stocked ...
A: Please contact the Regional Fisheries Manager at the Southwest Regional Office via phone 208-465-8465 ext. 301