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A: To upgrade to a sportsman's package, you will need to take your license and any other permits and tags to the nearest regional office. There are a couple of rules to upgrading such as if a person has a tag and has harvested an animal with the tag, they cannot upgrade to a sportsman's package. Once ...
A: Yes. You will be issued an elk receipt that can be redeemed for a tag at a later time in the year. If you apply for an elk controlled hunt in the first drawing period, you must redeem the receipt for the controlled hunt tag by August 1. If you are going to hunt in a general season elk zone with a  ...
A: Thank you for your suggestion.  It will be forwarded to our License Department.
A: If you don't provide an archery education number or can't fill out an archery affidavit stating that you have hunted in an archery hunt previously, the Sportsman's pack will print without an archery validation on it.  After you have taken the course you can go to any vendor and they will put your ...