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A: Once you purchase a game tag, there is not a waiting period before you can go out and hunt on that tag.
A: Trapping rules and seasons can be found on our website at: .  Seasons for different species start at different times.  You cannot trap mountain lions legally.  However, you can trap wolves but you must first attend a mandatory wolf trapping ...
A: Lawfully harvested wildlife parts, except edible meat from game animals, may be purchased, bartered or sold when accompanied by a written statement showing the wildlife was lawfully harvested or possessed. Wildlife parts legally harvested outside of Idaho may be sold in Idaho if such sale is not ...
A: Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes, a non-resident hunting mountain lions (with a resident who has dogs) must have a valid hound hunter permit and mountain lion tag for the current year.  More information can be found on page 89 of the 2013 Big Game Seasons and Rules book:  http://fishandgame. ...
A: Sorry for the delay in responding.  Yes, mountain lion tags are available for both residents and nonresidents over the counter.  
A: You can purchase a mountain lion tag for that hunt at any time.  It is a general season hunt so tags are available for sale for 2013. The current season information is copied below.  There will also be a season next fall and your tag will  be valid through December 2013 (unless you harvest before ...
A: If the area you are hunting is approaching the harvest limit, every day you should make every reasonable effort to check whether the harvest limit is reached. It is a hunters responsibility to know the harvest limit and if it has been reached.   It is possible that a hunter may be in on a hunting ...
A: Raccoons are classified as a predatory wildlife species and therefore the take season for them is year round. You may use dogs to hunt/pursue raccoons. The owner and/or handler and/or person taking raccoons must have a hound hunter permit.