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A: The animals in question are likely 1) northern pocket gophers, 2) meadow voles, 3) Uinta ground squirrels. All are common in Teton Valley and are important prey species for raptors, badgers, foxes etc.... Northern pocket gophers are burrowing mammals that typically only surface to clip forbs that ...
A: Shooting restrictions are put in place by BLM on the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area. You can find this information on BLM's website; here is the current link: Types of ground squirrels classified by ...
A:   You would be required to have an Idaho hunting license. Some ground squirrels are protected.  Please contact the IDFG Region office in your area to see if any are protected there.  For example:  Paiute ground squirrels in the southwestern part of the state are legal to hunt. As long as you stay ...
A: Reproductive timing is variable according to species and also varies by region and elevation.  Most species breed soon after emerging from hibernation.  Populations occurring at low-elevation may give birth as early as March and have dependent young through May.  At higher elevation, breeding may ...
A: The pine squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) is a protected nongame species in Idaho. They are found in most conifer and mixedwoods forests with significant stem densities and canopy closure including thethroughout Palisades Range. Pine Squirrels depend heavily on conifer seeds and terminal buds of ...