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A: Thanks for the great question! The printed form is for your records. By filling out and being presented that form, we have a digital copy of the form for Idaho Fish and Game's records. You can print it or maintain a PDF of this form for quick referral on a computer or phone. We recommend you keep ...
A: Yes, a person can obtain more than one salvage permit in a season.  A salvage report is required for each animal that is salvaged (example:  2 deer, 2 permits) Yes, a person can obtain more than one salvage permit for the same species. 
A: The rule does not specifically address field dressing the animal: the rule neither allows nor prohibits field dressing of road kill animals at the site. However, you should be aware of local rules and laws associated with traffic stopping on roadways for any other purpose other than emergencies. ...
A: No.  There is no stipulation that you salvage the entire carcass.  You can salvage any part that you choose and leave the rest.
A: No.  Nonresidents can also salvage wildlife killed by accidental vehicle-collisions.  Remember, notifying Idaho Fish and Game within 24 hours and obtaining a free salvage permit within 72 hours is a legal requirement to lawfully possess salvaged wildlife. 
A: The salvage permits are free.