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Questions & Answers: fish stocking

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A: The Sugar Beet Pond is a private pond owned by Pacific Press Publishing.  IDFG does not stock this pond and does not control access. I have heard that they allow some fishing, but you would need to acquire permission to legally access the... Read more
A: Yes, we stock mountain lakes in wilderness areas.  We have a specific agreement with the Forest Service that allows us to stock mountain lakes by the same means and with the same species of fish as before wilderness designation was... Read more
A: Yes, but...... The only brook trout we presently stock in Henrys Lake are sterile and can't successfully reproduce.  Their are still some natural brook trout in Henrys that migrate up the tributaries in the fall and spawn but survival of... Read more
A: Actually, many wouldn’t consider the diversity of fishes in the Clearwater Region to be poor.  The Clearwater, Snake and Salmon rivers all flow through the Clearwater Region.  As a result, we have many fish species that don’t occur in... Read more
A: A number of the lakes in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area have brook trout populations.  You are not finding them when searching in the Southwest Region because they are all on the Stanley side of the Sawtooths and in the Fish and... Read more
A: They are included in the database - you just need to do some sluthing.  Here is an example:  1) Select Panhandle Region; 2) select records for 1967 to present; 3) click on "other trout;" 4) highlight "Antelope Lake; 5) and now click "... Read more
A: Forage Lake was stocked with golden trout last year as well as 2004 and 2006, so it should have fish in it.  It is possible that they were simply in deeper water and you just weren't able to see them, but usually if fish are in a mountain... Read more
A: There is a extremely small probability, but it is highly, highly unlikely. Tiger musky have been stocked in Little Payette Lake and Lake Cascade. For a tiger musky to make it to Horseshoe Bend, it would have to pass through a dam and move... Read more
A: They all are. Each separate line refers to a different reach of the Boise River. We currently stock the Boise River from Barber Dam area to Star Rd. We are in the slow process of trying to fix this database glitch by adding a reach... Read more
A: Every year we release over one million hatchery steelhead smolts into the South Fork Clearwater River (no hatchery rainbow trout catchables are released into this river).  Two years later, many of these steelhead smolts will return as 12-... Read more
A: The schedule for stocking each month is posted online with the Fishing Reports-- the southwest region information is online at
A: Thanks for the question.  Stocking records can definitely get confusing especially when it comes to the name of the fishery.  Quite often a pond may have multiple informal or local names that do not correlate with our stocking records. We... Read more