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A: There are limited number of Sturgeon being outplanted into the Snake River.  We are not stocking anywhere else including Salmon Dam and Magic Reservoir.  On occassion, some sturgeon have been reported in Lake Walcott; however, those fish are moving down stream from where they are stocked just ...
A: There aren't any sturgeon in Lucky Peak.
A: We have not documented natural spawning below the dam.  I am sure spawning occurs but the young do not appear to survive long enough to be caught in the fishery.  We tag all of the sturgeon stocked.  The fish we have surveyed appear to all be of hatchery origin.  
A: We have worked with the College of Southern Idaho, Idaho Power and the aquaculture industry to spawn, rear, and release sturgeon back into the Snake for many years.  Just this past fall, we release over 100 sturgeon in the Idaho Falls reach of the Snake River and have 100 each for the Niagara ...