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A: In Idaho, coyotes can be hunted by anyone possessing a hunting license (age 10 and up) or hunting passport (age 8).
A: Fish and Game has no hunting restictions on coyotes in the area described.  There is no hunting within the Boise city limits and posted private property should be honored.
A: You can use bait for trapping coyotes, however you cannot use any part of a domestic or wild origin game bird, big game, upland game, game fish, or protected nongame wildlife for bait in trapping furbearing animals, unprotected wildlife, or predatory wildlife. In addition bait for trapping is ...
A: Coyotes are classified as predatory wildlife.  Fish and Game does not prohibit the use of bait for hunting predatory wildlife (coyotes).  Using the edible portion of harvested game animals as described in Idaho Code 36-1202 is not allowed.  Consult with the land management agency as well to ...
A: Yes, “red dot” sights are legal to hunt coyotes as well as big game animals.   In 2007 the commission adopted a rule change that allowed the use of lighted reticles to aid those with poor eye sight.  The rule reads it is unlawful to pursue or kill big game animals: With any electronic device ...
A: Coyotes can be hunted year round and we do not have restrictions on how many you can kill. You must have an Idaho hunting license to hunt them. Please contact BLM directly to see if the area you want to hunt in is open.