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A: I'll try to help you out.  I think it helps if you know why we have this controlled hunt.  The intent was to harvest antlerless elk where we are having some problems with too many elk on private agricultural land.  That is why the hunt is restricted to "on and within one mile of private land ...
A: Must be post marked no later than June 5th.
A: For   Spring Bear January 15-February 15 Spring Turkey February 1-March 1 Moose,Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat April 1-30 Deer,Elk,Pronghorn,Fall Bear, Fall Turkey May 1-June 5 Moose leftover tags (second app. period) June 15-25 Deer,Elk,Pronghorn,Fall Bear leftover tags (second app period) August 5 ...
A: Successful spring black bear applicants will be notified by mail no later than March 10. Results will also be available on the Fish and Game website, Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified.  It is the responsibility of the hunter to find out whether he or she ...
A: There were a few feral pigs in that area, but that was years ago and none have been reported recently.
A: You can only apply for unlimited controlled hunts during the May 1-June 5 application period; they are not part of the second drawing.
A: That is still the case this year.  A parent or grandparent can designate their controlled hunt tag to their minor child or grandchild. The form to do this is on our website at Those who draw a trophy species (moose, ...
A: He can get a hunting license as soon as he finishes hunter education (in this case, while he is still 11).  Be sure to get a junior hunting license, not the youth small game license.  You  can use this license number to enter him into a controlled hunt.  By the way--the application period is May 1 ...
A: Nonresident Tag Limitations (page 82 of the 2012 Big Game Rules Book) In controlled hunts with 10 or fewer tags, not more than one nonresident tag may be issued. In controlled hunts with more than 10 tags, except unlimited controlled hunts, not more than 10 percent of the tags may be issued to ...
A: You will have to reapply for the second draw.
A: Our notification deadline is July 10.  Results will be posted online by then.
A: July 10 is our official notification date.  You can start checking online at earlier than that.  In the past the results have been out in late June.
A: Draw Results for Controlled Hunts for Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, Fall Bear and Fall Turkey: Successful applicants will be mailed a postcard in the mail by July 10.  The results will be posted online by July 10 at Mark your ...
A: Draw Results for Controlled Hunts for Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, Fall Bear and Fall Turkey: Successful applicants will be mailed a postcard in the mail by July 10.  The results will be posted online by July 10 at Mark your ...
A: Yes, he can.  Be sure to purchase a Junior Hunting license for him.  He can apply now (by June 5) for a hunt with that license.  If he is drawn, his tag will be held for him until his birthday on Nov. 15.
A: You would need to purchase your actual hunting license your self in order to apply, however you are more than welcome to have someone bring in your information to apply for a draw for you as well as to pick up your tags. They would still have to pick up any draw tags by August 1st  to keep from ...
A: No refunds will be made on resident licenses, tags or permits (including receipts issued for prepaid tags). If you are successful, the deer receipt may be redeemed as soon as resident tags go on sale in July.  The deadline for purchase of controlled hunt tags is August 1.   
A: The application is assigned a number.  If the application number is drawn, each hunter on the application will get a controlled hunt tag.
A: Those who have drawn a January extra controlled hunt will not lose their hunt on August 1.   They cannot purchase the controlled hunt tag until December of the current year and must first purchase a hunting license for the year of the January hunt.    Once they have purchased their hunting license ...
A: Successful applicants in the second controlled hunt drawing do not have a deadline to purchase their controlled hunt tags unless they have a general season tag.   Those with general season tags need to exchange the tag for the controlled hunt tag prior to the opener of the general season tag they ...
A: Nonresidents may draw up to no more than 10 percent of the tags in an individual hunt and no more than 10 percent of the tags for the species. This is not a guaranteed set number of tags to be given to nonresidents. The drawing is a random draw and the 10 percent number may not be met in all hunts ...