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A: The 10 a.m. rules applies only to Upland bird hunters on WMA's where pheasants are stocked.  Upland game birds shall not be taken before 10 a.m. on Fort Boise, C .J.Strike, Montour, Niagara Springs, Payette River and Sterling WMAs, during the pheasant season.  Waterfowl hunters can hunt before 10 ...
A: Idaho Department Fish and Game's efforts to assist with fire rehab efforts are coordinated with private, state, and federal landowners/managers.  Usually rehab efforts happen during the first 3 years following a wildlfire.  During that period federal agencies have funding available for stabilizing ...
A: The bottom line is, releasing pen-raised pheasants does not help the wild population.  Game farm pheasants are too distant from their wild relatives to survive - they don’t have the survival skills that wild birds have to avoid traffic, find food, and hide from predators.  The Department studied ...
A: Yes, the Department has a number of ways in which a landowner can get assistance with improving habitat on private property.  The Department has 6 private lands or mule deer initiative biologists located in Lewiston, American Falls, Pocatello, Preston, Jerome and Idaho Falls.  If you live near any ...
A: We still do pheasant surveys across the state and one of the factors we evaluate are sex ratios (number of males versus females) of the birds we observe.  Statewide, the ratio of male to female pheasants indicates adequate numbers of males to breed females.  Literature suggests, that if you have ...
A: Season information is posted on our website in the hunting section (  Pheasants are listed in the  Upland Game rules on page 10. Briefly, pheasant season opens on October 20 in southern Idaho.  It closes November 30 in southeastern Idaho and December 31 in southwestern Idaho ...