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Questions & Answers: hunter ed

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A: University of Idaho's archery course does not meet Fish and Game's curriculum requirements - it’s more about shooting techniques.  Fish and Game's course is geared for archery hunting  and includes hunter ethics, shot placement and... Read more
A: Volunteer instructors in the Magic Valley Region normally teach two hunter education courses in the Wood River valley annually – one in the spring and one in the summer.  For more information on upcoming courses in your area, please... Read more
A: Former military service members are exempted from the shooting range portion of the hunter education field day, but they have to participate in the classroom portion.
A: Yes, Fish and Game can help you obtain a new card.  Our Hunter Education records go back to 1978.  Contact Headquarters (208-334-3700) or one of our Fish and Game offices.  They can look up your hunter education number and send you a new... Read more
A: No.  Hunter education certification from other states is accepted in Idaho
A: Check the Fish and Game website at  New classes are posted there whenever an instructor plans one.  
A: The minimum age is 10 years old.  It is best to take hunter education first, then take the archery class. 
A: The 2010 Idaho State Legislature amended Idaho Code 36-411 to allow IDFG to accept hunter and bowhunter education course certifications from foreign countries provided their course is equivalent to or exceeds our Idaho course.   A course... Read more
A: That depends on where you live. If no classes are scheduled in your area, anyone 10 or older may take the independent study course on the Internet, with a required supervised field day. But in some regions field days may not be available... Read more
A: Idaho hunter education and bowhunter education are offered in all parts of the state, but availability varies by region. To find out when classes are offered, check the Idaho Fish and Game Website, click on "Hunter/Bowhunter Education... Read more
A: This license allows 10- and 11-year-olds to hunt upland game birds, migratory waterfowl, cottontail rabbits, and unprotected and predatory birds and animals, as well as turkeys and sandhill cranes - with the appropriate tags. They must... Read more
A: To buy a license to hunt big game, a person must have completed a hunter education program - unless he or she was born before January 1975 - and must be 12 years old. But youths may buy a license while still 11 to apply for a controlled... Read more
A: That depends on where you live and how old she is. Anyone who is 10 or older may take the independent study course on the internet, with a required supervised field day. But in some regions field days may not be available because of the... Read more