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Questions & Answers: hunting

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A: This year, the only legal weapons in a season designated "short range weapons only" are muzzleloader, archery equipment, crossbow and shotgun using slugs or shot size 00 or larger. But the Idaho Fish and Game Commission in July approved... Read more
A: Idaho has two types of deer tags and both have nonresident purchase quotas. The nonresident quota for the general deer tag is 12,000. Nonresidents that choose a white-tailed deer tag are included in that quota. When the general nonresident... Read more
A: About 20 years ago, Fish and Game adopted calendar date openings for big game seasons. Rather than open on particular day of the week, seasons open on a specific day, such as October 10, no matter what day of the week that happens to be.... Read more
A: Yes. A hunter may use toxic shot for hunting pheasants on Fish and Game wildlife management areas that emphasize waterfowl hunting. But many or all federal wildlife refuges require nontoxic shot. Hunters should check with the refuge of... Read more
A: Lead shot is illegal for all waterfowl hunting, including ducks, mergansers, geese and coots. Hunters may not hunt waterfowl while in possession of shot other than nontoxic shot approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The shot must... Read more
A: It depends. In addition to a valid 2009 Idaho hunting license, hunters need a permit to hunt sage-grouse and sharp-tailed grouse. Any person hunting sage- or sharp-tailed grouse must have in possession their license with a sage/sharp-... Read more
A: That depends on where you live and how old she is. Anyone who is 10 or older may take the independent study course on the internet, with a required supervised field day. But in some regions field days may not be available because of the... Read more
A: There is no minimum caliber for centerfire cartridges. But it is unlawful to hunt big game with rimfire ammunition. The number of bullets is limited only by the size of your magazine. For more information see Page 65 in the 2009 Big Game... Read more
A: Applicants whose names were drawn had through August 1 to pick up their controlled hunt tags. If they didn't pick them up, their tags became available for the second drawing. The application period for the second drawing runs through... Read more
A: Any local vendor or Fish and Game office can issue a duplicate license. But lost tags, including bear tags, can be replaced only at a Fish and Game office. Each duplicate item costs $7.25 for Idaho residents and $8.25 for nonresidents.