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A: Hunters can sign up to participate in depredation hunts - special controlled hunts used to relieve big game damage problems on agricultural crops - for deer, elk and pronghorn in areas they are willing to hunt in 2011 when the Big Game Seasons and Rules books come out in April. They may apply only ...
A: No. Ice fishing rules are slightly different than general fishing for public safety and general crowding. Fishing is allowed only through a hole up to 10 inches in diameter. This reduces the risk of someone falling through holes. (The only exception is on Bear Lake in Southeast Idaho where anglers ...
A: This license allows 10- and 11-year-olds to hunt upland game birds, migratory waterfowl, cottontail rabbits, and unprotected and predatory birds and animals, as well as turkeys and sandhill cranes - with the appropriate tags. They must have a hunter education certification, and the holder of an ...
A: It is simple and easy to make this kind of gift, and it works for lifetime licenses as well as annual licenses. Every Idaho Fish and Game office will sell you a gift certificate, which can be redeemed by the giftee at Fish and Game offices only, anytime within one year. Fish and Game cannot accept ...
A: A gift certificate to cover a new hunting/fishing license is one idea. Also, Fish and Game offers annual license and lifetime license certificates. These licenses are valid for the lifetime of the license holder and are available to all residents of Idaho. If a lifetime certificate holder moves out ...
A: Hunters are asked to file their harvest report, regardless of whether they actually hunted with their tags or whether they took an animal, within 10 days of the harvest or within 10 days of the end of their hunts. There is a hurry: it takes some time to collect reports and turn them into a useful ...
A: No, the archery validation is only required when you are hunting big game during an archery-only season. It isn't required during short-range seasons or when you are not hunting big game.
A: The bag limit is the total number you can take; all of one kind or some each of several kinds - mallards, northern pintails, scaup, wood duck, blue-winged teal, green-winged teal, red-head, American widgeon, bufflehead, northern shoveler, common goldeneye or gadwall - for a total of seven. But the ...
A: Yes, it is legal to carry a handgun while archery hunting. But it's illegal to use any firearm to take an animal or finish off a wounded animal in an archery-only season.
A: No. Once the season that your elk tag is valid for has opened, your tag can no longer be exchanged.
A: The limit, based on federal law, applies to all waterfowl in possession, whether fresh, frozen, smoked or processed. The geese must be consumed or given away - accompanied by a properly filled out proxy form - before they no longer count against the limit. (The rule is different for upland birds. ...
A: No, that is not correct. The season dates printed in the 2010 Big Game Brochure are correct-many units open October 10 this year. The season dates and additional rules are available online at:
A: To buy a license to hunt big game, a person must have completed a hunter education program - unless he or she was born before January 1975 - and must be 12 years old. But youths may buy a license while still 11 to apply for a controlled hunt, provided they turn 12 before they hunt. The tag, however ...
A: It depends. Tags for controlled hunts can't be exchanged, nor can tags for general hunts that already are open. But tags for a general season that has not opened may be exchanged - for a fee of $3.75. Tags can be exchanged only at a Fish and Game office, and only once for each species.
A: It depends. In addition to a valid 2010 Idaho hunting license, hunters need a permit to hunt sage-grouse and sharp-tailed grouse. Any person hunting sage- or sharp-tailed grouse must have in possession their license with a sage/sharp-tailed grouse permit validation, available from license vendors ...