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A: Q. “Have you been hunting in Idaho the past 2 years?”     Region Count Blank Yes No Not Sure Panhandle 34 2 21 10 1 Clearwater 20 --- 10 10 --- Boise 248 8 138 102 --- Magic Valley 74 1 57 16 --- Southeast 53 2 24 27 --- ...
A: Fish and Game employees are planning the Idaho Wildlife Summit so yes, some Fish and Game personnel funds are being spent on the Summit.  Idaho Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter will be a presenter at the Summit.
A: You clearly care deeply about having healthy wildlife populations in Idaho, about the costs of managing wildlife, how license dollars and spent, and about wildlife management in Idaho.  The Idaho Fish and Game department isn't broke today, but as Commission Chairman Randy Budge stated June 5, "... ...
A: Idaho Fish and Game is planning a kickoff announcement on June 5 with registration opening soon thereafter.  We encourage all Idahoans who care about wildlife to participate in the Summit either by coming to Boise, going to a one of the regional events or online.  We can send you outreach ...
A: One of the stated goals for the Summit is to have a clear sense of what hunters, anglers, trappers and other wildlife conservationists want from their wildlife management agency.  Director Virgil Moore is expected to explain the dilemma that Fish and Game is facing; legal mandates and public ...
A: The agenda for the Wildlife Summit is still being developed.  The challenge of the Summit is to bring together diverse wildlife interests to foster common understanding.  Attendees will have an opportunity to express opinions on various issues.  In 1938, Idahoans came together and created the Fish ...
A: You might begin by looking at "The Compass" Idaho Fish and Game's 15 year strategic plan, which is posted on the Idaho Fish and Game website under the "About Us" tab.  Developed and implemented in 2005, The Compass lays out four goals:  sustain Idaho's fish and wildlife and the habitats upon which ...
A: The Summit will be an opportunity to have a conversation with Idahoans who care about wildlife.   Hunters, trappers, anglers and other wildlife conservationists enjoy wildlife in many ways and they are deeply interested in how it is managed.  Early last year, Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore ...
A: This conversation is intended to build enthusiasm for Idaho’s wildlife and develop a common understanding about conservation and wildlife management. Agency leaders also hope Summit participants will better understand what Idaho Fish and Game does and how the agency’s efforts benefit wildlife and ...
A: Much has changed since 1938 when Idaho citizens created the Idaho Fish and Game Commission through Idaho’s first citizens’ initiative. Our state’s population has tripled; two out of three Idahoans now live in cities; and wildlife management responsibilities are much broader than 75 years ago. For ...
A: You don’t have to come to Boise to participate.We’re going to use technology to “stream” the Summit live over the internet.We also plan to use technology and Fish and Game regional facilities across the state to provide opportunities for Idahoans to participate and interact in the Summit.
A: The Summit will likely include speakers, panel discussions and breakout sessions.The goal is to involve people at regional locations, and over the internet – making it possible for them to interact with those attending the event in Boise.Specific details will follow over the coming months.
A: On the Fish and Game website you can find all the most current information about the summit at  You can register to receive e-mail updates on the Summit and soon you will be able to offer input on topics for discussion.