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A: At this time (December 2014), trapper certification is not required for a general trapping license.  However, the Fish and Game Commission may consider a mandatory trapper education course in the near future.  If you are interested in trapping wolves, then wolf trapper certification is required.
A: You can use bait for trapping coyotes, however you cannot use any part of a domestic or wild origin game bird, big game, upland game, game fish, or protected nongame wildlife for bait in trapping furbearing animals, unprotected wildlife, or predatory wildlife. In addition bait for trapping is ...
A: Yes, you are allowed to use primitive traps for trapping.  On page 45 of the Upland Game, Furbearer, and Turkey rules the definition of trapping includes the use of trap, snare, deadfall, or other device commonly used to capture wildlife.  You can find the trapping rules at: http://fishandgame. ...
A: Trapping rules and seasons can be found on our website at: .  Seasons for different species start at different times.  You cannot trap mountain lions legally.  However, you can trap wolves but you must first attend a mandatory wolf trapping ...
A: Racoons are classified as preditors in Idaho and can be taken in any amounts and at any time by holders of the appropriate valid Idaho hunting, trapping or combination hunting license, provided such taking is not in violation of state, county, or city laws, ordinances or regulations.  Take care ...
A: Currently there are classes scheduled in Ahsahka, Lewiston, Salmon and Idaho Falls.  We are working on scheduling more classes in different parts of Idaho including the Treasure Valley.  Please check the website for upcoming classes.  You can also call the Regional office and let them know you are ...
A: Thank you for taking the time to ask your question.  Issues involving nuisance wildlife are referred to as depredations.  A landowner with depredations may hire a third party or “agent” to control the wildlife as long as it is in accordance with all federal, state, and local regulations.   For ...
A: Trapping of upland game animals is not a legal method of take.  You can hunt cottontails during the hunting season, but trapping them at any time is unlawful unless they are in your garden or destroying personal property.  You are allowed to control depredations, but you should contact your ...
A: In Idaho,  the wolf trapping course is required to trap wolves. The basic trapper education course is not required.  Participants can register for both courses on our website on the hunter education page. If you cannot find a course in your area, contact your local Fish and Game office and ask to ...
A: An Idaho nonresident trapping license costs $301.75 and is required to trap furbearers in Idaho.  Trapping rules are posted on our website at:
A: We don't require trapper education; you can purchase a trapping license without taking trapper education.  Trapping licenses are only available through IDFG offices (or you can fill out the trapper license application and mail it to one of the offices noted on the form which is online at https:// ...
A: This topic is somewhat sensitive to many people. As a trapper it is something you can’t avoid. Its also very import that you’re good at it. Idaho provides a trapper education course to teach proper trapping and dispatching techniques.  We also recommend you go out with an experienced trapper ...
A: Idaho does not have any kind of permit or license requirement for live-trapping unprotected varmints such as the raccoon.
A: If he is hunting, he must have an Idaho hunting license.  If he is fishing, he must have an Idaho fishing license.  If he is trapping, he must have an Idaho trapping license. He should check with the region office in the area for information about contacting the land management agency (for example ...
A: Trapping licenses can only be purchased at a Fish and Game office or by mail.  Contact your region office (Upper Snake, 208-525-7290) to obtain an application form.