Why isn't their any squirrel hunting in idaho? And also if I hit an animal on the road or see a sick or injured one while hunting can I put the animal down myself and contact Fish and Wildlife?


I know that red squirrels are protected I was wondering why? I've noticed many other states allow hunting of them. I am not aware of threats to them other than invasive squirrel species. As to the putting down of injured or sick animals I have put down animals before in my home state of Missouri mainly raccoons that showed symptoms of rabies.


Certain species of ground squirrels can be hunted in Idaho.  The most commonly hunted varmints in Idaho are the Columbian Ground Squirrel and the Yellow-bellied Marmot "Rockchuck".  There is a page in our Upland Game Rules that talks about squirrels and contains a link to a field guide.

Do not put any animal down without notifying appropriate authorities first. 

Here is a list of those which cannot be hunted at this time.

Chipmunks -- Neotamias spp

Columbia Plateau (Merriam's) ground squirrel -- Spermophilus canus vigilis

Golden-mantled ground squirrel -- Spermophilus lateralis

Great Basin (piute) ground squirrel -- Spermophilus mollis artemesiae

Northern flying squirrel -- Glaucomys sabrinus

Red squirrel -- Tamiasciurus hudsonicus

Rock squirrel -- Spermophilus variegatus

Southern Idaho ground squirrel -- Spermophilus brunneus endemicus

Wyoming ground squirrel -- Spermophilus elegans nevadensis