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What kind of fish are in coeur d'alene lake?


This list includes fish species found to be present in this water during fish surveys. This may not be a complete list of species present in this water. Some species listed here may only be present in small quantities or seasonally.

    Black Crappie ,  Brown Bullhead ,  Brown Trout ,  Bull Trout ,  Chinook Salmon ,  Kokanee (Early Spawner) ,  Kokanee (Late Spawner) ,  Largemouth Bass ,  Largescale Sucker ,  Longnose Sucker ,  Northern Pike ,  Northern Pikeminnow ,  Pumpkinseed ,  Rainbow Trout ,  Sculpin (Var. Species) ,  Smallmouth Bass ,  Tench ,  Tiger Musky ,  Westslope Cutthroat Trout ,  Yellow Perch

Bull Trout are a protected species in Idaho and may be present in this water. If you catch a Bull Trout, it must be released immediately, unharmed, back into the water.