red ear slider turtle


i wanted to give away a red ear slider turtle. The pet store said"dont bring it here". they said we need a permit. what if i dont want the turtle anymore?


The red ear slider turtle in an invasive species.   Please read the following:

We are allowing people with existing turtles to obtain a "grandfather" permit. It is here:

It stipulates that:
By signing, you agree to and certify the following:
1. That you will not acquire additional Red-Eared Sliders;
2 That you will not propagate the Red-Eared Slider(s);
3 That you will not sell, give away, or otherwise transfer the Red-Eared Slider(s);
4 That you will contact ISDA at the death of the Red-Eared Slider(s); and
5 That if you decide to voluntarily surrender possession of the Red-Eared Slider(s) you will contact
ISDA to arrange for proper disposal.


 Please contact the Idaho Dept of Agriculture if you have further questions.  The number is 332-8620.