Question on 2 pole permits in Idaho


Every year I purchase a 2 pole permit in Idaho for salmon, trout, and steelhead fishing. The question I have is very specific and pertains to getting close to limiting out on your daily limit.If an angler is 1 fish away from the daily limit, be is salmon, trout or steelhead can that angler still use 2 poles to catch the last fish. I have looked through the regulations and could not find any specific information on this. I was told by another angler over the weekend that if you are 1 fish away from your limit that you can only fish with one pole until you catch that fish. I was under the impression that once I purchased the two pole permit I could use two poles until I caught my daily limit. Could I get a clear clarification on this because if the law does state that you have to go to 1 pole in this situation I would like to know that in the future..

Thank you very much,


There are no rules that require you to stop legally using two-poles (with a two-pole permit) when you are within one fish of your bag limit.

Yes, technically you may exceed your bag limit by hooking two fish at the same time, but, realistically your odds of that happening are extremely low.  If by chance you do hook two fish at the same time while being within one fish of your bag limit, you have the option to keep one of the fish and release the other one or release both fish.