Is it legal to hunt big game with a spear in Idaho


During the general big game seasons, there is not a specific prohibition to the use of spears. A spear could not be used in archery only, muzzle loader only, or short range weapons seasons (Short Range weapon season have specific weapon types allowed which does not include spears).

In a general big game season the spear could be considered an arrow or bolt and therefore must meet the general requirements and may not:

  • Have broadheads measuring less than seven-eighths (7/8) inch in width and having a primary cutting edge less than fifteenth-thousandths (0.015) inch thick
  • Have expanding broadheads.
  • Have barbed broadheads (which any portion of the rear edge of the broadhead forming an angle less than 90 degrees with the shaft)
  • Have combined weight of less than 300 grains.