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If i catch a state record largemouth bass in spawning season

If i catch a state record largemouth bass in spawning season (when the keeping season is closed) what do i do and when is the first day that you can keep L.M.B.


The catch-and-keep season for bass is open year-around on most waters.  There are, however,  a few exceptions where we are trying to manage for quality or trophy populations of bass.

In order for a fish to qualify as a "state record" the fish needs to be weighed on a state certified scale.  These scales are found in meat departments in your local grocery store, the post office, local hardware store, etc.  Only fish legally taken can be recognized as "records" in Idaho, so, if "no harvest is allowed," it would be impossible to weigh the fish on a certified scale. Before you ask, it is also illegally to transport a live fish - unless you have a live fish transport permit from Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game. 

Sorry - there's just no way to certify the weight of a fish caught in a "catch-and-release, only" fishery and recognize it as a "state record fish."