I moved to ID in June of 2013, will fish &game accept documents from the Nampa courthouse as proof of residency? Paperwork specifically says I am not allowed to leave the state. I want a fishing license as a resident.


Also, who do I contact or give this information to get a license?


Proof of residency is required to buy any resident license:

1. Drivers must present: A driver must have a valid Idaho driver’s license and must have been domiciled in the state of Idaho for the last six months prior to purchasing a resident license, tag or permit.

2. Non-drivers must present: An Idaho identification card issued by the Department of Transportation; or a combination of two documents bearing your name and address but not issued by yourself.

Examples include:

• Home utility bills for the previous six months.

• Rent receipts or mortgage statements for the previous six months.

• Notarized statement from an employer on business letterhead.

• Proof of voter registration dated six months prior.

• For a minor child under 18, identification from a parent.


Idaho Code 36-202(s) defines residency. The State Code for residency requirements can be found at http://legislature.idaho.gov/idstat/Title36/T36CH2SECT36-202.htm