Sharing hound and bait permits


My Daughter just turned 10 and Got her hunting licence. May she hunt a bear off my bait permit and hound hunter permit or does she need to get her own?


Your daughter does not need to purchase a baiting permit and can hunt off another’s bait.  However, she will need to purchase a hound hunter permit.  The following is on page 101 of the 2014 Big Game Seasons and Rules booklet:

Hound Hunter Permit

When dogs are being used to hunt black bears or mountain lions, the following persons must have a valid hound hunter permit and a black bear or mountain lion tag for the current year in possession:

• Anyone who owns pursuit dogs.

• Anyone having control of dogs owned by another person.

• Anyone who harvests a black bear, mountain lion, bobcat, raccoon, or fox with the use of dogs. Except, clients of

licensed outfitters are not required to have a hound hunter permit.