Are homemade arrows legal to hunt with


I have made a homemade arrow that has a flint point and I was wondering of it is legal to hunt with


The homemade arrow would probably not meet the very specific specific requirements we have for archery equipment; you should check with a Conservation Officer to see if the homemade arrow meets them, including:

Archery Equipment
In any hunt, including general any-weapon seasons and shortrange hunts, it is unlawful to pursue or kill big game animals:

• With arrows or bolts having broadheads measuring less than 7/8 inch in width and having a primary cutting edge less than 0.015 inch thick.
• With any bow having a peak draw weight of less than 40 pounds up to or at a draw of 28 inches or any crossbow having a peak draw weight of less than 150 pounds.
• With an arrow or bolt wherein the broadhead does not precede shaft and nock.
• With any chemicals or explosives attached to the arrow or bolt.
• With arrows or bolts having expanding broadheads.
• With arrows or bolts having barbed broadheads, which is a broadhead with any portion of which forms an angle less than 90 degrees with the shaft or ferrule.
• With any electronic or tritium-powered device attached to an arrow, bolt or bow. Except disabled archery permit holders may use a nonmagnifying sight with battery
powered or tritium lighted reticles.
• With any bow capable of shooting more than one arrow at a time.
• With any compound bow set at more than 85 percent letoff.
• With an arrow or bolt, and broadhead with a combined total weight of less than 300 grains.
• With an arrow less than 24 inches from broadhead to nock inclusive.
• With a bolt (crossbow) less than 12 inches from broadhead to nock inclusive.