Wolf & Elk Interactions

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Bob Aberth
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Thursday, October 31, 2013
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Attached are three Elk and Wolf interactions. In Wolf Story 1 a young bull elk is attacked by two wolves but escapes. He is back on site in two days. His very bleached out color is the identifying feature. In Wolf Story 2 a mature bull that has shed his antlers early bolts out of view several minuted before a Six Pack of wolves appear. The same bull returns 9 minutes after the pack departs. In Wolf Story 3 a herd bull and harem all return 4 minutes after a trio of wolves depart. The interaction occurs 5 hours after this photo in darkness. All pics are from a game cam. If F&G is interested I could mail a CD with all the supporting photos. For me the value of these pics is that it demonstrates that predators do not 100% run the game out of an area. Over time might be different. Thanks
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