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Stacy Murray
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014
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This is the evening of the big August rain storm in Twin, my wife asked what i wanted to do for my birthday and the hills were my first choice. Taking an afternoon drive we were very lucky seeing several small groups of good bulls eager to take advantage of a cool august evening, giving them a much needed break from the intense heat. After glassing them from afar, I decided it was time for a family hike and pack the Camera, hopeful for and opportunity of catching them a little closer. After hiking for awhile my daughter and wife had turned back, the whether was progressively getting worse and the dark Clouds were starting to close in. With my son in tow we pressed on a little farther. As I cleared the edge of a ridge we were rewarded to see this glorious site. These two bulls bedded down in their own private sanctuary, both in their prime. They let us take some of the best pictures you could ask for. This is one of the first shots threw the grass, as the big six point knows I exist but is not sure of what I am and keeps a temporary but watch full eye on me. The mighty 8 x 7 has no idea we exist. Both bulls finally stood and begin to feed, and were oblivious to our presence. I was able to take some of the best shots of my life. As an avid Idaho bow hunter I know a true trophy when I see one. Both bulls carry very impressive main beams of trophy elk. This particular shot does not reflect the main beams of the 6 x 6 well, but nun the less I assure you he was truly above average. I love this photo because it reflects their awareness and peace at the same time. These animals rarely miss anything. Not only was this a great birthday present, it was a great time to share with my son that I will never forget. Shortly afterwards with the rain growing stronger and the thunder crackling around us the clouds moved in and the two giants would intermittently disappear making for a mystical moment. We took advantage of the cover provided to us and we slipped away silently just the way we found them, to there own perfect paradise. Stacy Murray Filer ID.
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