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Big Game Public Meetings Scheduled

Fish & Game to host open house

JEROME – What are the preliminary proposed changes and management goals for the upcoming big game hunting seasons? The last week of February sportsmen will have the chance to voice their opinions.

Idaho Fish and Game will host three meetings from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm:

12/31/13 Herd Composition Surveys Conducted

Biologists in the Magic Valley conducted herd composition surveys for mule deer over the last week. Both helicopter surveys and ground surveys were used to determine the composition of mule deer herds in units 45, 54, 55, and 56. Herd composition tells IDFG biologists what the make-up of a deer population is, and is also an indicator of overall herd health.

the following table depicts what they found:

Citizens Against Poaching Incident - 107 ducks dumped

WENDELL – Idaho Department of Fish and Game conservation officers are seeking information on a large number of ducks that had been dumped along the Clear Lakes Grade Road. 

On December 8, the carcasses of 107 mallard ducks and two geese were discovered by other waterfowl hunters.

“Even though the meat was taken from every bird, the location they were discarded is the problem,” said Robert Gillingham, Idaho Fish and Game Conservation Officer. “The location is highly visible and this it put sportsmen in a bad light.”

Duck hunting update - 12/14/2013

Duck hunting is in full swing in the Magic Valley. The recent cold snap has frozen many of the small bodies of water in the area, and that has forced the ducks to the river. Hunters are harvesting banded birds from the north country, including one we are aware of last weekend out of Alberta.

ATTENTION DUCK HUNTERS! - Message from Josh Royse

ATTENTION DUCK HUNTERS!! This from Regional Conservation Officer Josh Royse:

Every year around this time, Conservation Officers are called to assist with duck hunters in distress. Officers rescue hunters from the Snake River every year, and regional officers have already participated in rescuing 2 capsized hunters this year. Please keep in mind, when the temps are well below freezing, heavy ice can build up fast on boats. Couple that with boats that are usually overloaded with multiple people, dogs, and decoys, running in the dark, and you have a recipe for disaster. 

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