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PDF icon IDFG Comp SWG app_MultiSpecies Baseline Initiative-1.pdf

Download MBI's successful grant proposal which was fully funded for $950,000.  This funding will allow us to conduct a comprehensive survey for 20 Species of Greatest Conservation Need across the Idaho Panhandle and northeastern Washington. We will co-locate temperature and relative humidity sensors at survey sites in order to obtain baseline micro-climate requirements for different suites of species.

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PDF icon MBI FY13 Match Report.pdf

This report summarizes all non-federal contributions to the project during Idaho's 2013 fiscal year.

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PDF icon Northern Idaho Amphibian Field Guide.pdf 05/20/2015 - 12:31 8.33 MB application/pdf
PDF icon Whitebark Pine ID.pdf

Learn how to identify whitebark pine. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has directed MBI partners to mitigate any damage to this candidate species not altering or attaching hardware to individual trees. Please use this simple ID card to help us conserve the species.

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PDF icon MBI Bait Station Protocol.pdf

Are you putting up a MBI bait station this winter? Great! Download the step-by-step protocol here.

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PDF icon MBI 2013 Species ID Guide.pdf

Use this guide along with MBI survey protocols to aid in identification of incidental species.

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PDF icon ID PH Amphibian Egg.pdf

Dichotomus key to identify egg masses of Idaho Panhandle amphibians.

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PDF icon ID PH Amphibian Larva.pdf

 Dichotomus key to identify Idaho Panhandle larval amphibians.

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PDF icon ID PH Amphibian Adult.pdf

 Dichotomus key to identify Idaho Panhandle adult amphibians.

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PDF icon MBI DS-Wetland Basic.pdf

Download datasheet for conducting 2013 MBI basic wetland surveys.

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