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  • Kokanee Weir / Photo by Art Butts

    Deadwood Reservoir and Educated Fish

    Back to School by Art Butts, Fisheries Biologist, Idaho Department of Fish and Game - Southwest Region

  • Paul - Deep Creek Reservoir in August

    I took my 88-year old mother to Deep Creek Reservoir, today - first time for both of us. I don't have a boat so we fished off the end of the dock. We used just about everything in the tackle box (Buzz bait, rattle trap, soft weedless frog, worm and power bait) and got skunked????


  • The Incredible Salmon Journey Ends - and Begins

    August is the time for death and life for Salmon in Idaho. Watching this real-life drama is difficult in the wild but you can see it at our fish hatcheries at Riggins (Rapid River), McCall, Stanley (Sawtooth), Orofino (Clearwater) and Pahsimeroi (Challis).

  • Palisades - August 2015

    Gina writes, My husband and I camped at Palisades Reservoir July 27th and 28th. It was a beautiful, peaceful, quiet place. Fishing was slow as it stormed Monday night. I caught & released a small brown trout on a castmaster, though.

  • More Wild Tiger Trout Tails

    Last week, we were sent a picture of a Tiger Trout caught from the Big Wood River near Stanton Crossing by Cory Hanley. This is a wild "Tiger" versus the hatchery produced Tiger Trout we've recently stocked in the Upper Snake and Salmon regions.

  • Sawtooth hatchery closed to visitors through July 13, 2015 **Updated

    The Sawtooth hatchery, near Stanley, Idaho is getting some updates.

  • Screw trap on the Lochsa River for trapping juvenile steelhead

    Tracking Lochsa River Steelhead

    New Juvenile Fish Trap in the Lochsa!

    We thought folks might be interested in why we have this new piece of equipment floating in the Lochsa at Lowell. The Lochsa River is a potential stronghold for wild steelhead in Idaho, though we have much to learn about this population.

  • Chinook Fishing Results - May 24, 2015

    IDFG Chinook salmon Harvest and Effort Report for May 18 to May 24, 2015.

  • New fishing access agreement on Little Salmon River - Lower Section

    The Little Salmon River along US Highway 95 near Riggins is a popular fishery for Idaho anglers looking to catch Chinook salmon and steelhead.

  • Little Salmon River Chinook Salmon - They are Here!!!

    It's mid-May and Chinook Salmon are being caught in the Little Salmon River. During the last three days, creel clerks have observed 12 adult Chinook Salmon being caught on the Little Salmon River. Rapid River Hatchery has caught 30 fish in the trap, this week.