Special Request for Public Comment

Governor Otter enlisted the assistance of the Sage Grouse Task Force to develop policies and actions for developing a state-wide regulatory mechanism.  These recommendations form the backbone of the State’s Alternative.  Due to the time constraints associated with this process, the Task Force noted some outstanding issues needing further discussion and/or refinement from the State. 

In an effort to conduct a transparent process, the State is seeking comments on the specific and outstanding issues as noted in the Sage-grouse Task Force’s final recommendations.

Please review the Draft Alternative for Sage Grouse Management in Idaho and then provide your input on the following questions in regards to the Draft Alternative.  The comment period will end on July 13, 2012.  There will be no extensions.

June 28, 2012 Governor's Press Release

  1. Is the infrastructure exemption process in the Critical Habitat Zone (“CHZ”) properly tailored to provide limited opportunities for high-value development without impairing the State’s ability to maintain its conservation objective?
  1. Does the infrastructure development in the Important Habitat Zone (“IHZ”) strike the appropriate balance between providing realistic opportunities for developing projects, while conserving the species and its habitat in strategic areas to maintain a conservation buffer for the CHZ?
  1. What is the best approach for incentivizing landowners to continue maintaining and improving sage-grouse populations and habitats, especially in the CHZ?