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A Cave Obligate Harvestman
[168141] Rigg, Jim. Phalangids in the T-maze cave system, Shoshone, Idaho. Boise, ID: Gem State Grotto and Boise State University, 1984.
abandoned mines
[160212] Sherwin, Richard E., Dave Stricklan, and Duke S. Rogers. "Roosting affinities of Townsend's big-eared bat (Corynorhinus townsendii) in northern Utah." Journal of Mammalogy 8, no. 14 (2000): 939-947.
[180620] Keller, Barry L.. Assessment of inactive mines as bat habitat in northern Idaho: summary of BLM research 1994-99 In Challenge Cost-Share Project, Bureau of Land Management, Upper Columbia-Salmon Clearwater District. Boise: Bureau of Land Management, Idaho State Office, 2000.
[180625] Soules, Jennifer, and Ed Buchler. A survey of bat use of selected mines in the Pine Creek drainage, Shoshone County, Idaho., 2005.
Abies concolor
[177148] Kilgore, Bruce M.. "Response of breeding bird populations to habitat changes in a giant sequoia forest." American Midland Naturalist 85, no. 1 (1971): 135-152.
Abronia ammophila
[17259] Clark, Tim W., Ann H. Harvey, Robert D. Dorn, David L. Genter, and Craig Groves. Rare, sensitive, and threatened species of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative; Montana Natural Heritage Program; The Nature Conservancy, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming Field Offices; and Mountain West Environmental Services, 1989.