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  • 2013 Super Hunt Winners

    Both 2013 Super Hunt drawings are done and 34 lucky hunters have won the hunt of their dreams. Here are the 2013 Idaho Super Hunt winners by state:

  • Trophies Come in All Sizes!

    Well, the Super Hunt tag thing didn't go as I had planned.

    The morning of October 1, I found myself 80 yards from a really heavy bull. Trees were thick, but open enough. Weather was bitterly cold, which was refreshing. Elk were going crazy.

  • If My Friends Could See Me Now!

    Don Seitz's friends thought he was wasting his time buying a Super Hunt ticket. They told him Idaho doesn't have any elk because wolves have eaten them all. He bought a ticket anyway and won a Super Hunt tag for an elk.

  • I'll be back!

    “Calling in a 354 inch 8x9 Bull in the rut was really something to experience. I'll never forget it! Thanks to my friends and to IDFG for the excellent tag program my year was a huge success!

  • To Choose Any Hunt was Amazing.

    Just to be able to choose any hunt was amazing. It's a hunter's dream. I wanted to hunt a place with few people and a lot of big bucks. That's just what I did. After hunting for nine days and looking over a ton of bucks, I saw him.

  • Best $50 I Ever Spent!

    It all started with phone call from my brother, Dallas. "You lucky SOB, your name was drawn for the Super tag," he told me. "I couldn't believe it - best $50 I have ever spent. After the initial shock wore off, it was time to start scouting for the "WOW" buck."

  • 2010 Super Hunt Elk

    Had the Super Hunt elk tag last year. I hunted unit 40 with all the other Super Hunt winners. Not bad, there are lots of drainages. Was able to take a nice 6/7 bull elk on the second day of the hunt that scored 364. If anyone needs info about the unit just post.

  • 2010 Super Hunt Deer Tag Winner.


    It was in Unit 45. Awesome unit!!! - Facebook post as Mark.

  • Idaho Super Hunt Combo Winner 2011

    What a great opportunity to hunt Idaho again this year. Thanks to Idaho Super Hunt for the tags. Hunted some of the most beautiful places in Idaho. I hunted only with family and friends, no outfitters or trespass fees.

  • Luck has everything to do with it!

    My Idaho Super Hunt. By Ross Rackliff

    Sometimes, it’s better to be lucky than good.

    While this old adage applies to every kind of hunting, it’s perhaps even truer when it comes to big mule deer.