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  • What to Do for Father's Day? - Take Dad Fishing!

    If you want to do something fun for a Father's Day gift - take dad fishing!  Better yet, give him an early gift and take him fishing on Saturday June 14th and he can fish without a license.

  • Kokanee Fishing on Ririe Reservoir - June 12

    Kokanee fishing is picking up on Ririe Reservoir. Boats trolling pop gear at 20 feet deep are getting into the fish pretty regularly. - Dan G.

  • Advertising That You Fish

    Real anglers take pride in the fact they fish.  Check out the stickers on this pickup I recently saw in Boise.

  • Dare to go to Idaho [CNN top 10 list]

    Secrets of Idaho's beauty are becoming more rare as the state cracked a world-wide list of lesser-known or emerging travel spots. Idaho was listed 4 of 10, and is included with places like Mongolia, Malawi, Bolivia, and even outer space. 

  • A Chinook is a Chinook - Not

    Those of us that live up-River of Riggins are sure hoping that IDFG will limit the lower Salmon River Chinook harvest, so as to allow a decent adult return to the upper River, especially the Pahsimeroi, and Sawtooth hatcheries.

  • Live Chat on Fishing in Idaho

    Fishing enthusiasts are invited to join an online chat with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and ask questions, give feedback, and learn more about fishing in the Gem State.

  • The Salmon Are Coming!

    Here is the projection as of May 5, 2014 of the number of Chinook salmon returning to Idaho streams based on PIT tags detected at Bonneville Dam.  A total of 21 Chinook were caught in the Lewiston area last weekend.


  • Fish Web Chat - May 22nd

    On May 22nd from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm mountain time you can chat with Fish folks from the Department.  Find out where to go fishing over Memorial Day Weekend, what the outlook is for salmon and steelhead season, and what/where has been stocked recently by our fish hatchery staff.  Find

  • Chinook salmon passing Bonneville Dam

    The number of Chinook salmon passing Bonneville Dam on the lower Columbia River took a jump this last week in April.  We know a number of these fish are destined for Idaho because they carry PIT tags, individual numbered radio tags, that were inplanted into the fish as juveniles on their downstr