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  • Cascade Reservoir - Mid-June

    Great Day At Cascade Reservoir With My Boys - Adam B.


    I've heard recently of good smallmouth and rainbow/coho fishing.  Catching perch has been spotty. - dparrish

  • Little Salmon River Fishing - Riggins June 13

    Fished Riggins - On 6/10-6/11 caught 4 fish and kept 2. Combat fishing at its greatest. But so much fun. The fish are so beautiful and I never have seen fat on Idaho Chinook like there are right now. Best tasting salmon I have ever had. Thanks to all that have made this possible.

  • What to Do for Father's Day? - Take Dad Fishing!

    If you want to do something fun for a Father's Day gift - take dad fishing!  Better yet, give him an early gift and take him fishing on Saturday June 14th and he can fish without a license.

  • Salmon Bite - Riggins Area - June 10

    I watched 8 Chinook caught at the mouth of the Little Salmon River last night in 10 minutes.  Many more were hooked and lost.  Anglers are using tuna balls, eggs wrapped in moline and plain corkies.  You also need 3" of pencil lead to keep your bait close to the bottom.

  • Advertising That You Fish

    Real anglers take pride in the fact they fish.  Check out the stickers on this pickup I recently saw in Boise.

  • Rapid River Trap/Little Salmon River - June 3

    A few fish are being caught at the confluence of the Little Salmon and most anglers are fishing on the gravel bar by the Salmon River Lodge. No fish being caught up river. The river level has gone down. 11 fish in the trap today and two yesterday.



  • Oster Lakes - Hagerman Hatchery

    Dear follow fisherman , I was fishing at the Hagerman Fish Hatchery Friday , May,30th with a young man just learning to fly fish we caught several fish on a zug bug. On the way out of the hatchery we lost a fly rod and reel. There is a $100 reward for the return of the rod call 431-6831.

  • Salmon Fishing - Little Salmon River Memorial Day Weekend

    A total of 41 Chinook were caught in the Little Salmon River below Rapid River and no salmon were caught in the reach from Rapid River to Pollock and above.  Water is still very high and muddy.  Only a handful of salmon have been trapped at the Rapid River trap.


  • Dare to go to Idaho [CNN top 10 list]

    Secrets of Idaho's beauty are becoming more rare as the state cracked a world-wide list of lesser-known or emerging travel spots. Idaho was listed 4 of 10, and is included with places like Mongolia, Malawi, Bolivia, and even outer space.