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  • Rapid River Trap/Little Salmon River - June 3

    A few fish are being caught at the confluence of the Little Salmon and most anglers are fishing on the gravel bar by the Salmon River Lodge. No fish being caught up river. The river level has gone down. 11 fish in the trap today and two yesterday.



  • Oster Lakes - Hagerman Hatchery

    Dear follow fisherman , I was fishing at the Hagerman Fish Hatchery Friday , May,30th with a young man just learning to fly fish we caught several fish on a zug bug. On the way out of the hatchery we lost a fly rod and reel. There is a $100 reward for the return of the rod call 431-6831.

  • Salmon Fishing - Little Salmon River Memorial Day Weekend

    A total of 41 Chinook were caught in the Little Salmon River below Rapid River and no salmon were caught in the reach from Rapid River to Pollock and above.  Water is still very high and muddy.  Only a handful of salmon have been trapped at the Rapid River trap.


  • Dare to go to Idaho [CNN top 10 list]

    Secrets of Idaho's beauty are becoming more rare as the state cracked a world-wide list of lesser-known or emerging travel spots. Idaho was listed 4 of 10, and is included with places like Mongolia, Malawi, Bolivia, and even outer space. 

  • Rapid River and Hells Canyon Chinook Harvest Estimate

    Info for the third week in May.


    Rapid River Run

  • Clearwater, Lower Salmon and Little Salmon Harvestable Quota

    First of all, the run of fish headed to the Clearwater Water Region has mostly finished (97-99% complete) their migration over Bonneville Dam.  As such the projected harvest shares you see below won’t change much until we can get a final assessment of their survival as they migrate upriver to Id

  • C.J. Strike - May 15

    CJ Strike 5/15 - Took a friend fishing friday. Spent the first 4 hours catching mostly keeper bass on spinnerbaits. Caught some pretty nice fish. Around 2 pm switched over to jigs. Pretty much everywhere we tried we caught a combination of crappie, bluegill, and perch.

  • May 20 - Little Salmon River Fishing

    3 days fishing the confluence of little salmom and salmon. Only. Saw 3 fish caught. Hopefully soon!   - Minisuper

  • Rapid River Trap Report - Riggins

    Water is dropping and clearing, although it's still high.  One more fish has entered the trap.  There are reports of salmon being caught at the confluence of the Salmon and Little Salmon rivers. - Candy