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  • Complete Hunting Guide in Idaho's Biggest Paper

    The Idaho Statesman has issued it's Fall Hunting Guide. It is a comprehensive look at what those hunting Idaho need to know and think about before heading out this fall.

    Idaho Statesman Hunting Guide

  • Fall Chinook - Sept. Treat

    Fall Chinook salmon are beginning to show-up in the fishery around Lewiston, Idaho. With record numbers crossing dams on the Lower Snake and Columbia Rivers; fishing can only get better.

    Most anglers are using bait (herring, shrimp or eggs).

  • Nationwide, Fishing Continues to Gain New Followers

    Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) Releases Special Report on Fishing

    Report Reveals Nationwide Increased Participation among Women Youth Hispanics

  • Sure Sign That Fall is Close

    Kokanee Salmon add Color to Idaho Streams

  • Boise man wins bighorn sheep hunt

    The Idaho Wild Sheep foundation raised more than $86,000 and a Boise man will get the hunt of a lifetime.

    Read more about it in The Idaho Statesman.

  • Clearwater Chinook Update 7/18/14

    Hi everybody. This will be the last update I provide regarding fishing for spring Chinook Salmon in the Clearwater Region for you die hard, never say stop Chinook anglers.

    Currently the remaining river reaches open to Chinook Salmon fishing in the Clearwater Region include:

  • Beasts of Idaho's Mountain Lakes

    August is prime mountain lake fishing season.  If you're fishing mountain lakes that contain many brook trout, don't be surprised to see an occasional lunker northern pike.  We have an on-going evaluation on the effectiveness of predatory sterile northern pike on reducing stunted/over-populated

  • Clearwater Harvest Summary 7/8/14

    Fishing effort and catch has really dropped on the Snake R from Dug Bar to Hells Canyon Dam. - Jaime Robertso, Fisheries Technician, Clearwater Region

  • Clearwater Region's Chinook Update 6/24/14

    Hi everybody, this is the Clearwater Region’s Chinook Salmon Update (6/24/14).

    Because harvest shares haven’t changed from last week and many of the fisheries are ending, I’m going to jump right into what’s going on for each of the fisheries in the Clearwater Region.

  • Clearwater Region Chinook Salmon Update 6/17/14

    There are a lot of rule changes occurring this week so I want to make sure you are all aware of these first.  So the rule changes are as follows:

    Rule Changes in the Clearwater River drainage