Clearwater Blog

  • Idaho Fish and Game Releases Tigers!

    Tiger trout, that is.

    The Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game recently released Tiger Trout in several waters around the state. The fish were 8 - 12" long at stocking and should be easy to catch.

  • Bigger Fish and Better Angler Success

    As Fish and Game stocks rainbow trout this spring, they are doing something different that will lead to better success for Idaho anglers.

  • Potlatch River Steelhead

    The Potlatch River is a smaller little known river that flows into the Clearwater River about 15 miles upstream of Lewiston, Idaho. For those familiar with this river, images of raging dirty water in the spring and barely a trickle in the summer often come to mind.

  • Anglers Catch Steelhead Broodstock for South Fork Clearwater River

    Anglers Help Catch Steelhead Brood Stock

    Since 2010, Idaho Department of Fish and Game has been recruiting anglers to catch adult steelhead from the South Fork Clearwater River.

  • Clearwater Catch 2015

    Clearwater Steelhead Fishing 3/22/15

    The South Fork of the Clearwater had a lot of anglers fishing along its banks this past week. Saturday had a high count of 114 anglers on the South Fork. We observed anglers fishing as far as mile marker 23 on highway 14. Many anglers are in drifting boats.

  • Clearwater Steelhead Fishing 3/16/15

    Anglers in the Clearwater Region experienced some of the best catch rates observed so far in the Spring 2015 Steelhead season.

  • South Fork Clearwater Steelhead 2015

    Clearwater Steelhead Fishing Report 3/13/15

    Above average weather temperatures and lots of sunshine made for a beautiful weekend for anglers in the region. Although stream flows were above normal for this time of year, catch rates were fantastic. The best catch rates were documented on the Little Salmon River at 5 hours per fish caught.

  • Clearwater Steelhead Fishing Report 2/17/15

    As stream flows began to decline the past week, angling effort increased and produced some great catch rates through the region on the Clearwater, Snake and Salmon Rivers.

  • Ice Fishing Report - Cascade Reservoir Feb 12, 2015

    If you're a bird watcher this week's report might just make you happy. With all the open water on Cascade there has been a plethora of waterfowl visiting the area, lots of ducks, geese, and swans. If you're an ice fisherman the outlook isn't so optimistic.

  • Clearwater Steelhead Fishing Report 2/8/15

    Fishing conditions and catch rates on the Clearwater River downstream from Orofino were good during the week but diminished over the weekend. On Saturday, cloudy water conditions were observed and water clarity decreased as water levels began to rise.