Visualizing Your Next Hunt

This year we have added two new features to the Huntplanner to enable you to better scout for your next hunt.  Google Earth (KMZ) files added for each hunt area let you better explore the terrain.  Photographs, campgrounds and trails information help you better understand the landscape and access.

Visit the Huntplanner!

1.) View Hunt Areas in Google Earth

When viewing a specific hunt or a list of hunts in the Map Index you'll see four options available for each hunt area:

  • Information Icon  Area Details
    Opens the information page for this hunt area complete with boundary definition, map, landownership, harvest statistics, landuse and a summary of access points and services.
  • Map Icon  Interactive Map Center
    Opens a live interactive map viewer with the hunt boundary identified in purple. You may add additional layers and zoom around the map.
  • PDF Icon  Printable PDF Map
    Download a high quality map (600 dpi whereas the Map Center is limited to the html standard 72dpi) of the hunt area in Adobe PDF format.
  • KMZ Icon  Download KMZ
    Download a KMZ-format spatial definition of this hunt area for viewing in Google Earth or importing into a GPS Unit. For GPS Units requiring GPX format see these instructions.

Here is one example from the Huntplanner Map Index:

  • Elk Hunt Area 32A-2 Huntplanner Hunt Summary Huntplanner MapCenter High-Quality Printable Adobe PDF Map Download Google Earth/GPS (KMZ File)

The last option, KMZ (Google Earth) is new.  When you click the KMZ icon, if you have Google Earth installed, Google Earth will open and zoom to the layer.  You can repeat this process to add additional hunts.  The KMZ format is read by many GPS units and converts to GPX for devices requiring this format.


2.) Photos, Campgrounds & Trails

To better plan your hunt, we've added a number of layers to the Huntplanner Map Center.  Add the photos layer to view landscape photographs overlaid at their geographic position.  View public and private campground locations.  Overlay motorized and non-motorized trails information courtesy of Idaho Parks and Rec's