Upper Salmon River Weekly Chinook Harvest Update 7/1/2012

Angler effort picked up significantly this past weekend compared to the one before, but there were still a lot of open holes out there. For the week, sixty three adults and six jacks were kept, while 27 non ad-clipped adults were released. Anglers averaged approximately 25 hours per Chinook caught and 36 hours per Chinook kept. Last week, most fish were caught downstream of the Yankee Fork, while this week a much larger proportion were caught upstream of the Yankee Fork. To date, season totals are 78 hatchery Chinook kept and 29 unclipped Chinook released. As of today (July 2nd), the number that have been trapped at the Sawtooth Fish Hatchery is 160 hatchery adults, 13 hatchery jacks, and 10 wild. The best is yet to come since fishing should only keep improving as more Chinook continue to move into section 19.  - Brent Beller, Salmon Region Fisheries

Expanded Effort and Catch estimates for  July 1, 2012                  
Salmon River Stanley Area # of Salmon kept     Total Salmon Released Total Salmon caught Breakdown of salmon released Angler Hours     Hours/Fish  
  Adults Jacks Total     ad-clipped adults ad-clipped jacks non ad-clipped adults non ad-clipped jacks Boat Bank Total Caught  Kept
Section 19      Weekly Total 63 6 69 33 102 2 2 27 2 0 2508 2508 25 36
Section 19      Season Total 72 6 78 33 111 2 2 27 2 17 2933 2950 27 38