Upper Salmon River Steelhead Weekend Summary (10/21/12)

Fishing this weekend on the upper Salmon River improved over the previous one. The best hours per fish caught were still found in section 14 and were at 15 hours per fish. Sections 15 and 16 both showed a decrease in the hours per fish caught and angler effort in both sections increased as well. Section 15 was at 22 hours per fish caught for the weekend, while section 16 was at 19 hours per fish. Section 17 again had minimal effort for the weekend, but interviews were obtained. No fish were observed caught in section 17 by creel personnel, but most likely some steelhead harvest has occurred upstream of Salmon. It is also worth noting that the Salmon river was cloudy most of the weekend due to ash runoff from the Halstead fire near Stanley. As of today (22nd), the river is looking much better. Any more rain may push additional ash into the river again, but hopefully it will not have as big of an effect on it as it did this weekend.  - Brent Beller, Salmon Region Fisheries Technician

STEELHEAD CREEL NUMBERS For Weekend of 10/21/2012    
River Location No. Anglers Checked No. of Hours No. of Fish Kept No. of Fish Released Total Fish Hours/Fish Water
caught kept Temp (F) Conditions
14   Salmon R. - South Fork Salmon R. to Middle Fork Salmon R 24 90 0 6 6 15 -- 44 CDY
15   Salmon R. - Middle Fork Salmon R. to North Fork Salmon R 166 475.5 8 14 22 22 59 44 CDY
16   Salmon R. - North Fork Salmon R. to Lemhi R. 76 412.5 14 8 22 19 29 43 CDY
17   Salmon R. - Lemhi R. to Pahsimeroi R. 7 19.5 0 0 0 -- -- 43 CDY