Success on the upper Salmon River.

I just wanted to take a few minutes and tell you all what a fantastic job you have been doing in regards to Steelhead and Salmon recovery in Idaho. I have fished Idaho's Salmon River every year for almost 15 years now. I have always targeted the section between Challis and Stanley. Over the years I've seen the fishery grow and become such a great opportunity for anyone wanting to catch these awesome fish. It's so impressive to me that these fish travel the distance they do and navigate the dam systems that are in place on their way home. Each year I visit the Sawtooth Hatchery with my sons and it has always impressed me how clean and professional the operations are. I love these fish and appreciate genuinely the efforts of all the Idaho Fish and Game employees that work to make this fishery great. I just returned from fishing April1-6 and had a great time. The warm temperatures have raised the water temperatures and water level but even with decreased numbers this year we still did very well. I'm attaching a few pics so you can see the quality of fish that are returning. Once again, thanks to you all for a job VERY well done. - Sincerely, Phil Anderson