Patience pays off.

Having moved to Idaho in 2004, I struggled for seven previous seasons to figure out where and how to hunt the wide open and steep spaces of Idaho. Along the way we started to figure out where and how, filling a few bull and buck general season tags. Having our sights set on something big we religiously put in for controlled deer tags and I was drawn in my eighth try for a late 32 buck tag. My oldest son Justin had this tag in 09' and harvested a wonderful 192" buck. I went into this season with the hopes of finding something comparable. I took off 2 full weeks from work and was prepared to hunt hard the entire time to fullfill a lifetime dream of a big mule deer. Well on only my third full day of hunting, my good friend Roland helped me glass up this buck at a mile a way. After an hour stalk my 44 years of waiting was over. It isn't as big as my son's but I don't mind.
- Brian Kondeff