Clearwater Weekly Chinook Update 7/19/12

Hi all.  In the Clearwater River drainage fish are still being caught in the North Fork Clearwater River (we estimated that 87 adults were caught) and the catch rates were extremely good (4 hrs/fish).  We also observed some Chinook being caught on the Lochsa River with catch rates at 40 hrs/fish.  Other than those locations, we didn’t document any harvest.  It looks like Chinook fishing has all but ended on its own in the Riggins area and at Hells Canyon Dam. Very few people were observed fishing for salmon and we did not document a single fish being caught.

Some have asked whether I would be providing updates on any of the other fisheries in the Clearwater Region – especially the steelhead fishery.  Well, my goal is to provide periodic updates on our other fisheries as well, although not on a weekly basis.    

Have a good week.  - Joe DuPont, Clearwater Region Fishery Manager