Announcing the Mandatory Harvest Reports Dashboard

The Mandatory Harvest Reports Dashboard allows one to view, filter and graph raw uncorrected harvest report submissions.

Updated nightly, this dashboard provides summaries of harvest, success and reporting for deer, elk and pronghorn hunts.

Graphs and tables are filterable based on your selections:

  • Choose between Controlled, General Deer and General Elk dashboards.
  • Filter based on harvest characteristics: Sex, Weapon, Deer Species and Hunt Area, Unit or Zone.
  • For controlled hunts you may subset by Regulations: Game Animal, Seasons, Antler/Sex Restrictions, Take Method and Hunt Numbers.
  • Compare just two hunts or hundreds.


View the Mandatory Harvest Reports Dashboard


A word of warning.

Keep in mind these live harvest reports contain all manner of entry errors and omissions. As raw reports they are suitable only as an indicator of harvest success.  Finalized harvest statistics are not available until the spring following the completion of each hunting season.  In these yearly summaries available online, we fix mandatory harvest reports for errors and then conduct telephone surveys to correct for non-compliance.

We’re still testing out some of this functionality, so if you spot any bugs please let us know so we can squash them!


Then there's data...

We'd be daft to think this dashboard is the only way one might query and interact with these data. One can easily envision other possibilities: temporal charts, spreadsheet downloads, or mashups of harvest reports with maps of hunt areas. The point is - just as the US Navy could never have envisioned Yelp and Foursquare when they designed GPS - we can't possibly guess all the ways you might use and interact with our datasets, but we can make our data publicly-accessible so you can do great things.

The Mandatory Harvest Reports Dashboard is a demonstration of what may be built with the Mandatory Harvest Reports API (Application Programming Interface) that allows anyone to build applications to query and interact with these data. This API is the leading edge of a larger initiative we're undertaking to open up our datasets to the public to remix, reuse and repurpose.

Let's get excited and make things!