The 2013 Elk Plan Live Chat

Idaho Fish and Game biologists conducted two consecutive web chats on April 10 and 11th, with over a thousand elk hunters about Idaho’s draft Elk Management Plan, which will be presented to the Idaho Fish and Game Commission later this year. A short video of the event can be accessed from the link below.

Idaho Elk Plan Web Chat


The following is the actual web chat for both nights - comments, questions and answers.

Be part of the conversation about Idaho’s new 10-year Elk Management Plan by joining us here for a live online chat April 10th and 11th between 7pm and 9pm MT.

Learn more about the plan, pose your questions to Idaho Fish and Game’s wildlife managers and share your thoughts about statewide management direction.


Thursday, April 11th Event:

General Order of Service

We will be discussing the elk hunter survey, statewide management direction, elk zone management direction, limiting factor strategies (Habitat/Crop Conflicts/Predator Management), and expanding elk hunter opportunity of Idaho's 10-year Elk Plan draft.

Please feel free to post your questions at any time during the event. However, in order to maintain the flow of this event, we'll start by addressing the elk plan in the order listed above. After we've walked through the event and the questions within each category, our biologists will field related additional questions. This chat will remain available for replay indefinitely. 


*Thursday's event will be available on this page as well


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Wednesday, April 10th Replay: