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  • Little Salmon River Chinook Salmon - They are Here!!!

    It's mid-May and Chinook Salmon are being caught in the Little Salmon River. During the last three days, creel clerks have observed 12 adult Chinook Salmon being caught on the Little Salmon River. Rapid River Hatchery has caught 30 fish in the trap, this week.

  • Northern Pike monitoring project

    This video was shot on Killarney Lake, one of the chain lakes near Coeur d'Alene Lake. It shows how anglers help with northern pike population surveys through Fish and Game’s "Tag You’re It" program.

  • Montana black bears harassed

    Here's a video snippet shared by our friends in Montana. A female black bear and her three cubs were trapped on a bridge surrounded by overly enthusiastic tourists. We think this is a fortuitous example of what "not" to do around wildlife.

  • North Idaho Fishing Delight - Priest Lake

    Most people relate fishing only to the pursuit of fish - but it's so much more! This past week, I had the pleasure of fishing for lake trout on Priest Lake.

  • Idaho Fish and Game Releases Tigers!

    Tiger trout, that is.

    The Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game recently released Tiger Trout in several waters around the state. The fish were 8 - 12" long at stocking and should be easy to catch.

  • Bigger Fish and Better Angler Success

    As Fish and Game stocks rainbow trout this spring, they are doing something different that will lead to better success for Idaho anglers.

  • Part of Idaho bighorn sheep collection returns home

    Part of a bighorn sheep skull and horn collection will be making it's way back to Idaho. Thanks to the efforts of several individuals and groups. Fish and Game is interested in research value of these to determine historical range.

  • Opening Day and the Chinook Salmon are on their Way! April 2015

    With opening day for Chinook Salmon just days away, here are some projections for run size in 2015:

  • Potlatch River Steelhead

    The Potlatch River is a smaller little known river that flows into the Clearwater River about 15 miles upstream of Lewiston, Idaho. For those familiar with this river, images of raging dirty water in the spring and barely a trickle in the summer often come to mind.

  • Salmon River Steelhead Fishing 4/13/15

    The Salmon River cleared up this past week as flows began to decline, and as result, catch rates improved considerably.